Aviva problems with Voting

Posted by on Oct 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Aviva problems with Voting

I am aware that some of you are experiencing problems with the Aviva site, and again this morning there was a blip.

Please do continue to try and vote for us, it is very important.

You will need to register once the link opens the page.  Then you will be able to hit the button 10 times or place other votes as well for another project.  We hope you will vote for us again.


Thank you!

Hi Karen,

We want to say we’re truly sorry for any problems that you may have experienced when trying to vote for an Aviva Community Fund project.

To try and help make up for any disappointment these problems might have caused, we’ve put an extra £200,000 into the Aviva Community Fund prize fund which will benefit additional projects across the different funding levels.

What happened?

When voting opened we were overwhelmed by the amazing volumes of people trying to vote. Good as they are, even our systems struggled to cope with the huge response – and that slowed things down for people trying to vote on Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately we then experienced an unrelated issue on Thursday which meant that access to voting had to be restricted. We know that this must have been very frustrating for you.

We are sorry.

Voting will be open until midday on 21 November and the projects with the most votes at that point will become our finalists.

Thank you for your support.



Aviva Community Fund Team