Footsteps of Discovery- Funded by WCYT

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On Tuesday 29 May, the team took the young people for a day at Footsteps of Discovery.  We were joined by parents and siblings, as well as members of the team inviting their own children and families.

We would like to thank West Cornwall Youth Trust for giving us the grant to make this possible.

This was our first visit to Footsteps, and we were very impressed at the size of the location; a huge forest! My own granddaughter, 3 1/2 and her little friends were delighted, to have the space to explore.

We were all made very welcome, with even the youngest taking part in the activities.

We were all shown how to make matchless fires (I was the last one, and they found out why.  I would have been there all day if is wasn’t for a helping hand).

We all had a laugh when one of the boys said to one of our firemen, ‘Go on Darren, instead of putting the fire out,  you can make one!’

The banter and camaraderie during the day was great.

A huge lunch was prepared for the everyone with gallons of juice, tea and coffee (bonus).

For some of the team it was chance to show off skills ( or not) and some of our parents showed their competitive side.  It was great fun!

The activities were axe throwing, orienteering; the group has to find numbers and take them back to a location, put them into a computer to defuse a bomb, and target practice with a BB repeater gun.