ACTIVE PLUS- Field Craft Day April 2014

For 12 weeks a group of 14 young people in Year 7 & 8 were spilt into 2 groups.

Each group had six weeks of the activities which rotated so that they both did the same activities but at different times.  The aim of the course was to build self esteem and confidence and to motivate the young people into working as part of a team.

The young people had to take part in both the activities. The goal was to earn a place on the Field Craft Course during the Easter holiday; there was 10 places and 14 young people.

The Helston Phoenix activities were  run during school time and the young people took part in a disciplined programme learning team building skills, B A procedures and fire safety; they practiced scenarios’ and watch the Rush Programme about young driver safety.

The Active Plus programme was run out of school hours from 3 – 5pm and the young people took part in Military Drill, Team building games for example, Tower of Hanoi, magic mats, leap frog exercise etc.

They had personal safety lectures, First Aid and CPR, Circle of excellence, NLP, PCSO’s – Antisocial Behaviour discussion, Red Mist exercise and discussion, Motivational Word Exercise, culminating with the final week – a presentation to parents, Mayor, Town Councillors and teaching staff from Helston Community College.

Nine young people made it through to the Field Craft Course.  The weather was amazing and they young people and the instructors all had a brilliant day.

The team would like to add a few thanks to our volunteers, Chris, Josh and to Roger for allowing us to use the farm.

Thank you to Chris Mayer, Active Plus, for all his hard work putting the day together.

Thank you to South West Loo’s!

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