Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives of the Helston Phoenix Mentoring Project:

• Improve motivation through physical and mental challenges. Help vulnerable young people to enjoy and achieve personal and social recreation. Improve social skills through team work.

• Promote community spirit within young people. Set up working partnerships with local councils.

• Achieve competency. Provide a full and varied course, engaging fully with outside agencies.

• Stay safe from crime and antisocial behaviour. Help young people develop their social skills and realise that how they choose to behave is their choice.

• Help to promote community spirit. The team liaise with school, police. Most importantly use a systemic approach to involve parents and families; including the wider family network fully at all times.

• Choose not to use illegal drugs. Support young people with social and emotional problems.

• Promote equal opportunities within employment and enhance employment prospects.

• Work with young people who are gifted, but not reaching their full potential.

• Support young people at risk of exclusion.

• Improve low self-esteem.

• Increase self confidence.