Heartstart Helston Phoenix Project – CAR WASH fund raiser

The Helston Phoenix Project are pleased to announce that it  is now affiliated to Heart Start.

The Helston Phoenix team, mentors and volunteers have all received training to train the young people and their families.

In February this year we organised a training programme for our young people and their family members.  The activity was a success and each of the young people were given a certificate at the end of the course.  They are now registered with Heart Start.

To enhance the training project the team decided that we should purchase a ‘choking vest’ so that the Heimlich manoeuvre can be practiced safely.  We organised a ‘Car Wash’ at the beginning of the Easter Holiday and we raised £60 towards the cost of £99.00.   Thank you to everyone who supported our car wash.

We aim to run another fundraising event during the next half term to raise the final amount.   We will be running a series of programmes for all our young people and families throughout the and the vest will be an important piece of equipment.

A thank you to our friends and colleagues from Helston Police Station who came along and supported the event too.