Helston Phoenix Project Blog

On Tuesday 22nd January a group of very enthusiastic young people will be embarking on a new 4 week  project coordinated by Ex  Military Personnel from ACTIVE PLUS.  Some of the young people who have signed up for  Military Drill workshop,  lack coordination skills or they lack the ability to follow instruction accurately.  The aim of this course is for the group to work on their physical coordination and gross motor skills.  More info to follow as the weeks progress.


On Wednesday 23rd Jan, The Helston Phoenix Team are starting a 6 week course; funded by Comic Relief, for young people at the local secondary school.  One afternoon a week the young people will take part in a variety of workshops which will include Road Safety, Fire Safety.  Personal Safety; how to stay safe on line and they will learn about the Anti Social Behaviour policy.  As a final reward they will go to an outward bound centre for the 6th session.

On Tuesday 12 February the ACTIVE PLUS Military Drill programe finished after 4 weeks of intensive Drill and team building activities.  Parents were invited to Helston Fire Station to witness their child receiving a certificate.  The young people who took part were congratulated for their endevours.  During the 4 week course they took part in a variety of team building activities and learnt many new skills on a Field Craft course led by personnel from the Army, Navy, Marines and Special Forces.  Amongst the tasks they were given, from orienteering, crossing a mine field safely, they were able to practice sucturing a cut on a pigs trotter, (apparently the closest they will get to sucturing human flesh!)

One young person from the course was picked as the best student and he will return as an Ambassador to help with the forthcoming 5 week Deescalation course.

The young people taking part in the 6 week course funded by Comic Relief have 2 more sessions to go.  The course has been really enjoyable and the team would like to thank those who have taken part in delivering activities to date.  We have had our local Police Intervention Officer, PC Fuller  who spoke about one line safety and personal safety, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Road Safety, thank you to Tracey Porter for her delivery which was fully interactive.

The teams next big venture will be Work Experience for approx 24 young people during Helston Community College Work Experience Week.  The young people will be working in groups of 12 with members of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and outside agency supporters who will be working in school and at Helston Fire Station.

21 and 22 February.  We have just completed two days of the Healthwise mentoring project funded by the Big Lottery.  Keith and Karen transported the young people from Helston and Mullion Schools to the Drym Valley centre where they took part in a variety of activities including Pottery, Yoga, Art Therapy and Football at Cornwall College .  Martyn showed off his culinery expertise organising a BBQ each day.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff and clients at the Centre for welcoming us into their community.  Our last and final project paid for by the lottery will be in May/June half term, but this will not be our last. WE WILL BE BACK, as we love it there.

On Wednesday 3rd April the Helston Phoenix Team and ACTIVE PLUS went down to the woods for a ‘Field Craft’ Day with young people from Helston Community College.  Not knowing quiet what was expected of them they youngsters were keen to listen and take an active part in all the activities on offer.  The highlight of the day was when the Special Forces personnel gave them a talk on personal safety and they learnt how to suture a wound using a pigs trotter a needle and dental floss.

The team would like to say a huge thank you to ACTIVE PLUS and also to Roger Benny for allowing us to invade his farm land.  We all had an amazing day.