Helston Phoenix Project


Helston phoenix mentoring project is a unique project under the remit of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. Our public liability and Insurance are covered by Cornwall Fire and Rescue service. The team have been running activities for the young people of Helston Community College and the wider community for over 15 years. We are a self- funded project run by a small committee. Our trained staff Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service firefighters, staff who work in Education and Ex-Army Veterans. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, they offer a wide range of experiences. We are all DRB checked. Some of our young participants are also trained to provide a peer a mentoring service. We are in partnership with Active Plus- Veterans Inspiring People. Active Plus and Helston Phoenix run the extra- curricular projects after school. Active Plus also coordinate and run our very successful Life Craft courses, held at a local farm. Helston Phoenix Project is a disciplined project. Each participant will sign a behaviour contract. Helston Phoenix Project has expectations in behaviour and discipline and work ethos. The Helston Phoenix Project activities include practical and problem-solving activities that build confidence, motivation, resilience and enhance communication skills. Participants will learn about Fire Safety in the home and important life skills. Heartstart -CPR and First Aid.

Fire Service Drills and Marching- encourages team work and inclusion. Practice a fire drill and rescue a casualty- using hoses, breathing apparatus and fire appliance -encourages, discipline, good behaviour and a work ethos. Each participant will be responsible for their own kit, which they must wear on the drill ground. No inappropriate clothing allowed.

The Project aims: • Increase self-esteem • Promote Confidence • Promote teamwork • Increase communication skills • Tackle poor behaviour • Increase attendance in school • We have discussions about online safety, drug and alcohol awareness, anti-social behaviour ( in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Police) and road safety. Helston Phoenix Project works closely with Devon and Cornwall Police (Helston). Helston Phoenix Project reserves the right to dismiss a young person if they are seen or heard to take part in gang culture and bring the project into disrepute. Helston Phoenix Project will inform Helston Community College of any poor behaviour.

Important notice: Health and Safety • Please note that Helston Fire Station is an on-call Station. For your own safety please do not park at the Station, please park at Helston Community College car park and walk across. Please use the footpath on the right of the station when entering. • Please arrive promptly. For insurance purposes always make sure a member of the Helston Phoenix Team is available before you leave; please do not leave your child with a member of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. One of us will always be at the station at least 10mins prior to the start time. • We appreciate you arriving promptly as the end of the activity. Times may vary, so please check your letters. If in doubt of the time slots, please call me or Keith Stringer. Some of our instructors are either full time or on call fire-fighters, they may have a shift after our project ends. We have instructors who are either carers or have child care responsibilities which means we all must get away promptly. • If you are allowing your child to walk home please let us know at the start of the session.