Support for Helston Youth from the Cooperative South & West and West Cornwall Youth Trust

The Helston Phoenix Project received funding from the Cooperative South and West and Helston Community College to run a pilot 12 week project  for 14  young people during term time; the project worked with a group of , 12-13 year old males, who needed to raise their self-esteem, confidence and motivation.   Further funding was applied for Active Plus to partner Helston Phoenix and a grant was successful from the West Cornwall Youth Trust.

Active Plus and Helston Phoenix work together to fulfil a number of objectives and aims to get young people back on track.  This was the first time that we have run a number of activities back to back and it worked very well.

The activities were carried out during term time- Jan – April.  The Teams swopped groups after 6 weeks, so each group were able to have a taste of the discipline of the  Fire Service and the discipline of the military aspect of the course.

Aim of this course was to get the young people to work together as a team.  They found this really hard to begin with, but as the weeks progressed we saw a big improvement in each of the young people.

Our courses are all supported by instructors and volunteers. The young people have the option of 1:1 mentoring or group work.

The course has been extremely successful.  We would like it to continue, but at present the funding has run out!  If you are reading this and would like to donate to our project so that we can make a difference  for our young people, please contact the project coordinator.


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